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Agendas, reports and minutes of Council meetings

Agendas are the official list of items to be discussed at a meeting. For most of these items there will be one or more reports on the subject to be discussed which will again often include a recommended course of action for the committee to vote upon. The decisions taken at these meetings are then formally recorded in the minutes. Follow this link for more information about Council meetings and decisions.

You can download the agendas and reports for recent and forthcoming Council meetings by selecting the name of the meeting you are interested in from the list below. Once minutes have been prepared they will be added to the database.

Use the search page to search for a specific meeting or the content of all committee documents.

  28/03/2019  Council
  26/03/2019  Anglia Revenues and Benefits Partnership Committee
  21/03/2019  Planning
  14/03/2019  Scrutiny
  12/03/2019  Audit and Governance
  11/03/2019  Cabinet
  07/03/2019  Audit and Governance
  05/03/2019  Cabinet
  04/03/2019  Enabling Communities Task Group
  21/02/2019  Planning Committee
  18/02/2019  Simultaneous Cabinet (Suffolk Coastal and Waveney)
  12/02/2019  Sizewell C Task Group
  05/02/2019  Cabinet
  24/01/2019  Council
  18/01/2019  Joint Appointments Committee
  17/01/2019  Planning Committee
  17/01/2019  Joint Appointments Committee
  17/01/2019  Joint Appointments Committee
  03/01/2019  Council
  02/01/2019  Cabinet